With the rigor and structure that formalized quality improvement methodologies and tools offer, Contagious Change will assist your organization in understanding the data drivers (causes) and priorities that must be addressed to reach new potentials.

Our differentiating approach, appreciates and executes the blending of scientific proven practices of quality improvement and organizational change with the art of engaging the human experience.

Leading hArtfully® is at the core of transformative change;

  • Defining the ‘desired state’ and it’s meaningfulness to a culture where exceptional experiences occur.
  • Connecting & Equipping staff with skills and awareness
  • Operationalizing actions, attitudes and behaviors
  • Culturalizing a ‘way of BEING’ into the infrastructure of the organization (e.g. Policies, Procedures and Practices).

These are the vital threads to creating a patient centered, employee engaged caring culture.

Beginning with a robust analysis of clinical, risk, operational and patient experience data, innovative improvement strategies are designed and tested across people, process and technology platforms to standardize, hardwire and achieve extraordinary service and clinical excellence. Comprehensive action plans are created with systems in place to ensure progress is measurable with leading (performance / process) and lagging (outcome) indicators.

Areas of Demonstrated Expertise:

  • Patient Experience Organizational Assessments
  • Strategic Clinical Initiatives – Core Measures, Clinical Practice Reliability, Risk Reduction Best 
  • Physician and staff engagement programs.
  • Technology Integration – Electronic Medical Record (EMR) selection, planning and 
  • Performance Improvement Projects – Organization, Department, Team