Many leadership development books will teach you “how to lead” — how to get people to respect and follow you, how to climb the corporate ladder, how to build your personal brand, and how to retire rich. But what is missing from a conventional “leader-as-expert” focus is the opportunity to value the strengths and magnificence of your individual employees and colleagues. I want you to bring out the best in them … to be the best of you.

Leading hArtfully is a book about the art and the heart (aka “hArt”) of leadership. It’s an invitation to bring your best self forward in transformative ways to discover and leverage the best in others — in your work and in your everyday life.

I hope that this book will change the way you show up to work each day and spark the possibility that you could be at the start of immediate contagious change in your organization – and life.

Whether you work in finance or technology, healthcare, retail, communications, education, or professional services, this book offers you an invitation to change everything for your career, your people, and your organization.

“Diane’s stories and guidance were a powerful tool to help our organization build stronger teams through change. I highly recommend this book to physicians and leaders seeking to deliver exceptional quality care by magnificent individuals!”

— Alison Tothy, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Medicine, University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences Division

This book is for you if…

… you are looking to change the way you show up each and every day

… you desire a meaningful, heartfelt connection with others in your life

… you want to connect with others in a way that inspires and engages from the heart

… you believe that you have the capacity to change A world

Why I wrote Leading hArtfully

“A must-read book for any leader committed to creating a culture where individuals thrive and flourish.”

— Mary Martuscelli, Regional President, US Bank