I first heard Diane speak at the Beryl Institute and thought WOW her energy is contagious. Her coaching had such an impact on other organizations that I wondered if she could impact our orthopedic surgeons. As our Patient Experience Team began to work with Diane, we recognized the impact that she had on ourselves and we wanted to expand that impact. We attended Diane’s certified coach training and as a result we brought Diane to our organization to speak with our surgeons. She focuses on individual strengths and how those strengths can make you a better provider to the people we serve. Our orthopedic surgeons were engaged and interactive during her presentation and the feedback was outstanding. After her presentation our surgeons were talking about the importance of their relationships with their patients and how they can continue to improve. Personally, Diane has shown me my own ability to be brave and to turn the mirror onto myself in order to see my own greatness. It has been a true pleasure working with Diane.
– Crystal Stiffler, Chief Patient Experience Officer

“Diane and her team developed a program for our physicians that took the discussion of empathy and caring from the practical to the science to the philosophical and the personal… This seminar delved deeper and included the science behind empathy—which spoke volumes to physicians who may just view it all as “touchy-feely” stuff. The feedback from our participants was very positive, and the evaluations were consistent with plans by the providers to make conscious changes to their approach not only with patients, but also with staff. I highly recommend this program as a mechanism to launch your providers to the next level of patient engagement.”
– Shari Moore, RN, BSN PLICO

“…As a result, during her consultation, our patient satisfaction scores increased to the highest they have been in the last 8 years. More importantly, I feel that I am able to understand what my patients are trying to communicate, and can now use language that resonates with them. This will have a positive impact on their healing. I tend to leave my work feeling more gratified and energized, and has unquestionably enhanced my ability to care for patients. I recommend her highly to generate transformational analysis and change for a business or healthcare setting.”
– John Loewen, MD

I want you to know that in my short career I have had a few very profound experiences that have shaped the way I practice and how I “see myself in this world”. I can honestly say that the time I have been lucky enough to spend around you ranks among the top.
It changed the way I saw myself as a doctor, how I saw my patients, and reminded me of how lucky and blessed I am to have the chance to do the work I do. I can honestly say I am a better physician and person to have known you.

– D. Arguello, MD

“I use the workshop learnings every day. My patient satisfaction scores are at 100%, I attribute my scores to many pearls I gleaned from our sessions, particularly the shadow experience…The group meetings stretched over time allowed me to look within myself and gain insight on my own thoughts and behavior. I saw a different side of my colleagues and gained a new understanding of what is important to each of us, which not only improves patient care and it’s rewards but also enhances our relationship at work.”
– Pauline Goss, PA-C

“I had first worked with Diane Rogers as part of the workshop, a well-organized and helpful set of tools that created and promoted a better working environment amongst colleagues and improved provider to patient interactions. I enjoyed the workshop and wanted to improve my patient satisfaction and interactions so I went back to Diane for some one-on-one time. The focused hands-on time with Diane was a great benefit. Her ability to analyze my communication skills from an outsider’s perspective and find areas to improve upon was very helpful.
Diane’s positive energy alone improves anyone’s day, let alone her ability to improve peer to peer and patient to peer interactions and communications. It was my pleasure and my benefit to have worked with Diane.”

– Kevin Fordell, PA-C

“Diane’s gift to inspire and educate others has changed my perspective on the patient experience and encouraged me to be the vector of encouragement in all situations. Her lessons and positive influence are invaluable.”
– Sondra Andersen, PA-C

“The opportunity to work with Diane Rogers through coaching came along at a very good time for me. I was, like many, working through some critical decisions in regard to my work, family, and home life. Diane worked with me in a committed and thoughtful way through these obstacles. It was quite impressive, her degree of patience while leading me toward answers and insights that were my own. Additionally, with her confident guidance, my mind realized the possibilities that were always there-hidden within the clutter of my own head. The process we used allowed me to gain a sense of clarity in purpose that has been useful in all areas of my life, and has contributed to grander accomplishments. I have no reservations in recommending coaching with Diane.”
– Coaching Client, February 2014

“Diane is a quality Coach who helped me to define my core values and explore how they were demonstrated in my life. Via her inquisitive questions I had the mental space to think differently and reframe my struggle, opening up new paths for me. I looked forward to all of my coaching sessions as I knew I had a trusted partner with whom I could be honest allowing me to be honest with myself. As she listened to what I said, how I said it and what I didn’t say, her insightful questions assisted me to reflect deeply on my life and my way of being in this world. I highly recommend Diane as a Coach.”
– Coaching Client, July 2014