Team engagement and experience programs are designed to create personal, human, effective interactions that foster an organizational culture where exceptional human experiences occur. Grounded in evidence-based research, Contagious Change utilizes an appreciative, strengths-based approach to facilitating change.

Each of the three programs equip individuals with practices, approaches, and ways of BEING that promote exceptional human experiences while cultivating an environment where individuals realize their own ability to positively influence each aspect of the experience.

    – Engaging the hArt
    – Remembering Why
    – Magnificent Impressions

Programs encourage a sense of community to a shared purpose that allows teams to connect ways of BEING and DOING to the work that matters.

Engaging the hArt

This program invites each individual to explore their character strengths and their ability to use their ‘best self’ characteristics to create personal meaningful interactions that positively influence the patient experience. We review evidence-based competencies that build patient trust and confidence through improved communication and empathy skills. At the conclusion of the program, participants share their insights, awareness, and re-energized commitments to the patient and their colleagues.

Surveys have found that after completing this program, 95% of participants feel that they are more aware of how actions, attitudes and behaviors influence the patient experience.

The timing of this program can be adjusted to meet the needs of each individual organization. Options range from a single 4-hour session to 10 weekly 1-hour virtual sessions including coaching conversations.

Remembering Why

Remembering Why reconnects the individual to the meaningfulness of the work they do, through a series of exercises and conversations that shine a light of their individual character strengths used when ‘making a difference’.

This program is often delivered as an ‘Orientation’ during which individuals across service lines and roles uncover a shared sense of purpose that leverage strengths & foster a feeling of belonging/unity.

The session is an upbeat and interactive and closes with an invitation to draw, together, an image (yes, on zoom too) of what an exceptional experience looks like.

Magnificent Impressions

This interactive session is designed to bring awareness to how participants bring their individual magnificence into their interactions to create first and lasting impressions. The workshop begins by inviting participants to appreciate their capacity to create and impression, bringing their awareness to the impact they make in ‘how they show up’.

The session has four key areas of focus:

    – Turning your observer on
    – Who are you BEING
    – What are you DOING
    – What happens.

It concludes with an invitation to commit to adopting a practice that fosters a magnificent impression.

These sessions are generally 2 hours and department cohorts are often established to promote teamwork and further development in safe environments.