Facilitating Awareness & Choice; Leading to Greater Potential

Diane coaches leaders to reach their greatest potential. Diane is known for her ability to generate trust necessary for deeper exploration, awareness and meaning into what matters most. Clients are invited to explore their assumptions, beliefs and challenges through a lens of possibilities, shedding light on new opportunities, insights and actions available to excel as leaders.

Always supportive and encouraging, Diane creates a psychologically safe environment that maximizes powerful, honest, and exciting discussion focused on individual, personal growth.

Working together with the organization’s vision, mission, and values, the team coaching experience invites discovery into the team’s individual and collective strengths. Team coaching prompts the team to uncover the unspoken, unprotective, and underlying issues that prevent teams and the organization from effectively working together.

With a clear vision defined and an understanding of the expectations, actions, and commitments necessary to achieve results, Diane invites teams to work together to create action and accountability plans.

Expert in developing trust, and creating meaningful conversations, Diane is the “go to” coach for physicians and healthcare professionals. Her strengths based approach, observing and exploring what strengths and behaviors manifest in positive interactions – brings awareness to individual consciousness, allowing for further intention and choice.

Diving deeper into the professionals’ wants and desires, these sessions go well beyond the clinical setting, extending into conversations around their own ‘being’ and the powerful impact this has within their own life.

Contagious Change offers coach development programs to equip internal leaders and individuals with the competencies to BE a coach. Working together to set, support and shift the learning into practice, coaches become comfortable, confident and competent (The 3 C’s) to coach, elevating the importance of creating meaningful conversations, filled with acknowledgments, discovery, reflection and action to cultivate a coaching culture.