Diane Rogers is a coach and consultant with a diverse background and a big heart, both of which power a simple and focused mission — to inspire individuals and organizations to harness the strengths and magnificence of people so, together, they can achieve higher levels of organizational performance and individual engagement. Founder and president of Contagious Change, LLC, Diane is best known for her breakthrough programs that encourage strengths-based leadership practices to optimize performance, experience, and engagement.She is frequently called upon to do the important work of developing leaders, improving quality and performance, leading and implementing organizational change, and transforming workplace cultures. She is a masterful relationship builder who demonstrates, at every turn, the impact of bringing your best self forward in transformative ways to discover and leverage the best in others.

Diane has built her coaching and consulting practice upon a rich background, with a diverse history of demonstrated leadership positions across multiple industries, including healthcare, software IT, aerospace and nuclear power. As a professional coach, she holds PCC certification from the International Coaching Federation as well as several certifications in positive psychology. She is a dynamic speaker exciting and energizing participants in her keynotes, summits, and seminars.

Whether the world is the physical space that we occupy or a moment in an individual’s life; everybody has the capacity to change A world. It can be as simple as sharing a smile with a stranger, or organizing a fundraiser for a favorite charity; but through kindness, compassion and giving our heart to each other, we each create amazing, contagious change – it’s the only thing that really matters.


Diane’s does not write a speech – she crafts an experience. Each of her presentations – whether it is a keynote address, workshop, or executive retreat – is tailored to the organization’s goals. Diane’s style and energy will capture any audience, and her personal approach leaves you feeling like you’ve just met a friend. Diane is available for:

  • Keynotes
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Executive Retreats
  • Grand Round Presentations
  • Panel Discussions… and more!


As a certified professional coach, Diane works with her clients to assist them in discovering their own ability to achieve new potentials. Diane utilizes a strengths-based approach, observing and exploring what strengths and behaviors manifest in positive interactions. Diane is known for her supportive, safe environment that generates the trust necessary for deeper exploration, awareness and meaning. Diane is available for:

  • Leadership
  • Team
  • Physician & healthcare professional
  • Individual personal


Diane is the author of Leading hArtfully: The Art of Leading Through Your Heart to Discover the Best in Others, which was released in October 2020. Through this book, Diane invites you to bring your best self forward to discover and leverage the best in others – both at work and in everyday life. Diane believes great leadership isn’t just about the work – it’s about the people, and her book invites you to adopt this as your new way of BEING.

Learn more about the philosophy behind Leading hArtfully and find out how you can get your copy.