Diane Rogers is a facilitative, leader with a collaborative approach inspiring individuals and organizations to raise the bar toward the Achievement of New Potentials, together. She has a diverse background, with a history of demonstrated leadership positions across multiple industries, including healthcare, software IT, aerospace and nuclear power.

Diane can think big and put the details in place to design effective action plans building trust and respect along the way. With her unquenchable energy, she tenaciously engages stakeholders to join the improvement journey and, along the way, cheerfully nudging the players, bringing them to the same page, to move beyond their potential.

Whether the world is the physical space that we occupy or a moment in a individual’s life; we all have the ability to create a positive energy that brings about an amazing change. It can be as simple as a sharing a smile with a stranger, or organizing a fundraiser for a favorite charity; but through kindness, compassion and giving our heart to each other, we each can make a difference – it’s the only thing that really matters.


Diane’s expertise begins with a math degree, shaping her ability to think through puzzles and problems logically to get to the solution. She has worked in diverse industries including; Healthcare, Aerospace, Nuclear power and Semiconductor’s. She brings the best of each of those industry practices to her client’s organizational challenges.
Areas of demonstrated expertise:

  • Performance Improvement and Measurement
  • Organizational Change and Development
  • Risk Reduction Strategies and Execution
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Process Mapping
  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Team Building
  • Data Analysis


Achieving new potentials together is about creating the capacity to stretch toward the impossible. Whether it’s business or personal, we can go further than we dared to believe if we are open to a greater potential; create an energy of excitement; and share the experience.

Diane shares her experience in reaching beyond that which was thought to be impossible, running a marathon. Rather than focusing on that impossible goal, she built on and celebrated the successes of (much smaller) possible runs (e.g. 1 mile, 5K, 10K, etc.) visualizing a new potential at each achievement, going beyond her initial expectations, reaching the ‘impossible’.

The same is true with organizational change – setting and achieving reasonable, possible goals helps individuals to visualize, move beyond and achieve the ‘impossible’, exceeding expectations.


Diane is an ‘artist at heart’. Her glass jewelry collections are filled with positive energy. They are ‘happy’ pieces. They are a work in progress (like herself) for many years – a collection of lessons, trials, persistence and of course, courage… courage to step into a new space of discovery.