Diane’s style and energy will capture any audience. Her presentations are tailored to your organization’s needs and individual disciplines.


A keynote from Diane Rogers is not just a speech – it is an experience. Diane develops interactive, memorable moments for all attendees that allows them to reflect on their own behaviors to create meaningful, contagious change within themselves.

  • How you show up to BE well and foster wellBEING
  • Caring at the hArt of Leadership
  • Cornucopia of Magnificence: Nourishing the Best in Others
  • Engagement: it’s not just a proposal
  • Discovering Magnificence and Possibilities

Workshops & Seminars

Diane’s workshops and seminars are actionable and aspirational. All participants leave a session with tangible steps toward their goals and a renewed sense of purpose. These interactive sessions drive attendees toward organizational and personal goals.

  • Engaging the hArt™
  • Leading hArtfully
  • Coaching Competencies: holding up the mirror to strengths, purpose and meaning to facilitate change
  • How you show up: conversations and coaching
  • Engagement as a Way of BEING: an essential ingredient to experience excellence

Leadership Retreats

Retreats are focused on developing leaders to discover the best in themselves and their staff to achieve extraordinary performance within the organization.

  • Discovering the best: a reflective session on character strengths
  • Achieving new potentials: igniting your insight
  • Magnificent pieces of the puzzle: how we work better together

Grand Round Presentations

Diane partners with physicians to bring meaningful messages to the healthcare setting with custom, tailored presentations.

  • Physician wellBEING
  • Enhancing communication skills: a pathway to strengthening empathy and resilience
  • Reconnecting to purpose, passion, and well BEING

Diane is also available for panel discussions, breakout sessions, and more!