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I’ve had the extraordinary opportunity to work with incredible leaders and staff in every aspect of this most profound work we do together – 

  • EVS, Transport, Lab, Pharmacy, Supply Chain, Valet, Food Service, Radiology, Oncology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Urology, Surgery, Woman’s and Children, Child Life, Revenue Cycle, Diversity & Inclusion, Pastoral Care, Dietary, Emergency Medicine, Inpatient, Call Centers, Ambulatory/Outpatient Clinics, and of course, Patient Experience Teams!

And as I write, I am reflecting on how so very blessed I am … to have personally witnessed the magnificence in each of the individuals within these departments.  

Every single department and individual is a crucial cog in this complex wheel of healthcare.  And while we may intellectually ‘know’ this to be true – today, there is a greater, deeper understanding of what this truly means.  There IS a depth to the ‘frontline’ that is intensely evident and essential to delivering exceptional care to our patients, to saving lives, and to taking care of each other … of which all healthcare professionals are a part of together.

And, I see it … all the time!  There is not a single day, when I have traveled to a healthcare organization that I didn’t end my nightly conversation with my husband, sharing a story of remarkable kindness, empathy, expertise and caring that I witnessed and was present in their encounters.  

It is always present … in the clinics, rooms and walkways of each campus and certainly palpable in the energy within each of them.  

And, as you might expect, the key to noticing it, is to turn your observers on and calibrate it to see the magnificence 

That said, today, I imagine, it’s a bit tougher to get that calibration tuned in to magnificence.  For me, it’s tough to focus.  I find myself filled with worry.  I hate that there isn’t enough information for me to make sense of what I believe to be the most surreal experience of my life.  I have this sense of helplessness, so very often – trying to figure out what I can do and letting go of what I can’t.  

And while it is tough, what I do know (and validated in the literature and others) is that – Shifting your energy and observations from self to others is crucial to well-BEING.  And tapping into your strengths and sharing them is a source of helpfulness and purpose… on behalf of another person.

So, TODAY’S INVITATION is to tap into your strength of observation.  

‘Turn your observer on’ and notice how you, your colleagues and your staff are choosing to show up each day to take care of another human being.  No matter what department you are working in, whether at home or on site, there is magnificence in your commitment, compassion, and caring for others.  Never was it more important to notice the magnificence within these most remarkable teams, and to share it.  

  • Create a meaningful conversation that lets each individual, in every department, know and appreciate the magnificence you see in each of them.  
  • Meet them where they are at.  
  • Be curious to what they may be experiencing.  
  • And open up a conversation filled with empathy and understanding, that moves beyond the work and steps front and center into the field of the individual.

Pay attention to how, in acknowledging another individual, and bringing forward a conversation of gratitude, grounded in trust, you are comforting, caring, and connecting – further evidence of your leadership strengths, characteristics and qualities.  

Continue to shine your magnificence – 


diane_green1smallABOUT THE AUTHOR
Diane Rogers is a facilitative, leader with a collaborative approach inspiring individuals and organizations to raise the bar toward the Achievement of New Potentials, together. She has a diverse background, with a history of demonstrated leadership positions across multiple industries, including healthcare, software IT, aerospace and nuclear power. Diane can think big and put the details in place to design effective action plans building trust and respect along the way. With her unquenchable energy, she tenaciously engages stakeholders to join the improvement journey and, along the way, cheerfully nudging the players, bringing them to the same page, to move beyond their potential.